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Aside from establishing grants and scholarships, we here at One Degree Forward also hope to give donors the opportunity to independently sponsor their own child or family to serve as a long term mentor

Why Sponsors Are Important:

While there is no doubt that financial contributions towards education have the ability to literally change a person’s life, there are so many more elements to success than monetary support.

Cambodia is still an underdeveloped third world nation where the ability to succeed is frequently strained by the pressures of daily life. While the infrastructure in urban areas is developing slowly, much of the country is still rural farmland with limited resources, making what would be simple tasks by Western standards exponentially more difficult.

Aside from monetary support, a sponsor is able to provide a recipient with knowledge that has been gained from time spent living in the developed first world. While we may not realize it, we as sponsors are able to provide insight on topics such as goal-setting, personal finance, health, long-term planning, and our gift of the English language. This is not to say that we as sponsors have all of the answers, because as many sponsors will find, we can learn as much from those who we sponsor as they can learn from us.

All those who choose to sponsor a student or a family will be given direct contact information for those who they sponsor. This includes, where available, Email, phone, mailing address, or even Facebook. One Degree Forward wants to be careful not to do anything that might cause jealousy or tensions between children or within families.The arrival of money or gifts that could mark the child as specially favored must be avoided. If you wish to send money or a gift for a special occasion,  please contact us directly and we well work with you on the best approach for that particular student.

Establishing and maintaining contact with the person you sponsor has long-lasting benefits for all parties involved, and we here at One Degree Forward believes that sponsors who help to mentor those who they are helping give the student the best possible chance of future success.

If you would like to sponsor a student either take a look at the One Degree Forward homepage, or contact One Degree Forward directly at for further information.

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Kevin Hall AKA "KH" July 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm

One Degree Forward looks like a beautiful idea from some amazing people. Send info on needs for sponsorship. I’d love to help help out. Stay Up!


Jimmy Muchetti May 6, 2012 at 10:33 pm

Great job. Takes a big heart to not only care. but to do something about it. I’m glad to be able to help with my donation, and sponsorship. Keep up the good work. jimmy


Laurel Akhund August 25, 2013 at 12:36 pm

Kyle and Tim, I am very proud of you both for the excellent work you’re doing in the education of Cambodian children who would not have these opportunities without programs such as yours. It will be my privilege and honor to become a sponsor. I will take an overall look at your sponsorship web site so as to see what the options are. Also, I have posted your site to my Facebook page in the hopes that it will gain wider exposure – at least to the people in my world – via this avenue/resource. Take good care, and may God bless you for the excellent work you’re doing.


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