Kakneang Chhay

From: Kampong Cham Province

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: March 3, 1992

Favorite Food: Khmer Food

Hobbies: Reading and playing tennis

Dreams of: Gaining a college education and working in finance, ideally in a bank

Grant: Enrollment at Build Bright University, Phnom Penh

What One Degree Forward Says: Kakneang is an incredibly sweet girl who moved to Phnom Penh from the countryside in Kampong Cham province, near the border with Vietnam. She spent a number of years in the SFODA orphanage in Phnom Penh before enrolling in Build Bright University, and she now lives in the city in an apartment with a number of different friends. We are very excited to help Kakneang achieve her dream of earning a Bachelor’s degree, and we look forward to watching her progress through school in the years to come.

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