Laim Len

From: Samrong Village, Cambodia. 45 km from Siem Reap

Lives: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Birthday: September 19, 1991

Grant: Enrollment at ACE English school, Enrollment in Medical School

About : Check out Laim’s personal website!

What One Degree Forward says: Laim is an incredibly motivated and forward thinking individual who is attempting to gain funds to help pay for Medical School in his native Cambodia. Referred to One Degree Forward by trusted sources within the country, Len is an accomplished student who has compiled his own website in order to help with his schooling.

Laim is also the founder of the Samrong Village School of Opportunity within his hometown where he hopes to pass on the gift of education to those who are willing and eager to learn. One Degree Forward is actively seeking to aid Len in his medical school expenses as well as help provide him with a full-time sponsor.

Anyone who would like to help sponsor Len can contact us at, or by contacting Len directly through his personal website.

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