From: Kampong Cham Province

Lives: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Birthday: August 12, 1988

Grant: Enrollment at Build Bright University (Bachelor’s completed), and Panasastra English school

Favorite foods: Pizza and traditional Khmer food

Hobbies: Playing tennis and reading

Dreams of: Working in finance at a bank and to continue her education

What One Degree Forward Says: Mony is an incredible girl who team members Kyle and Heather had a chance to work with  in the fall of 2009 at the SFODA orphanage, the home where she was raised since she was 12 years old. Mony was raised without a father in a rural section of Kampong Cham Province, only 20 minutes from the border with Vietnam. As a young girl she was in charge of driving cattle and would attend school in the afternoon. One day when selling fruit on the roadside when she should have been in school, a representative of SFODA orphanage who was visiting her village asked if she’d rather be attending school. A few months later, Mony moved to Phnom Penh and spent the next 6 years in the orphanage. Upon graduating from high school, she took a job as a card dealer in a casino to try and put herself through college.  She would work from 10pm-6am, take a short nap, and then attend school throughout the day. Unfortunately, after only one year, Mony was forced to drop out of college due to lack of funds.

6 months later, in November of 2009, Kyle and Heather met Mony while she was back working at the SFODA Orphanage. Wanting to do more for a student in Cambodia than simply volunteer for two weeks, Kyle and Heather agreed to help Mony pay for the remainder of her school. In doing so, Mony became the flagship recipient of the first grant from One Degree Forward, and since that time she has earned a Bachelor’s in Finance from Build Bright University and has completed multiple levels of English at Panasastra University.

As of 2014, Mony is the head Program Manager at the SMART Girl program, which is a local NGO that teaches entertainment industry workers about HIV awareness and female empowerment. With a strong grasp of English and a sterling work ethic, she manages a team of 17 employees. As the head team leader in Phnom Penh for One Degree Forward, Mony also handles many of our administrative duties and oversees all of the students we support. She  is a very hard worker and a humble human being, and in the near future Mony holds aspirations of attaining a Master’s Degree from the National University of Management. We are incredible proud of Mony’s achievement, and she continues to be a testament to the degree of success which is possible when provided with a little helping hand.

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