Peakdey Pen

From: Battambang Province

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: October 10, 1998

Grant: Enrollment at Beltei English School, Phnom Penh

Hobbies: Football, reading, riding his bicycle

What One Degree Forward says: It’s impossible not to love Peakdey. A smiling, humble little member of the SFODA orphanage in Phnom Penh, Peakdey is also very intelligent and was handpicked by the heads of the orphanage as one of their top English students. Due to his hard work in general school and his independent English studies, Peakdey is now attending Beltei English school across the river from the orphanage, and according to him, he is very excited to be enrolled in the new program. We took Peakdey and the rest of the SFODA students out for a night of pizza and roller skating, and even though Peakdey was the smallest member of the group, he somehow managed to down the most pieces of pizza…We are very excited about having Peakdey join the recipients of One Degree Forward and are confident that this is a well-deserving student who has a bright future ahead of him.

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