From: Kandar Province

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: January 1, 1991

Grant: Enrollment at National University of Management

Hobbies: Football (soccer) and volleyball

What One Degree Forward Says: Rathana is a very affable, friendly student who was raised in the SFODA orphanage and continues to live there as he matriculates through the Nationaal University of Management. Rathana began his first year at the University in the fall of 2011 and is currently studying law. On a recent trip to Phnom Penh, team members Kyle and Heather had the opportunity to take Rathana and fellow grant recipients, Rotha, Vudy, Peakdey, Sochom, Mony, and Kakneang out for a pizza dinner on the riverfront and their first ever attempt at rollerskating. Over rollerskating lessons to a thumping, terrible disco beat, the two nonetheless were able to experience Rathana’s genuine character and are excited to watch him progress on his quest for education.

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