From: Samrong Village

Lives: Siem Reap

Birthday: July 18, 1990

Grant: Enrollment at Build Bright University

Hobbies: Reading, basketball, and teaching children English

Dreams of: Earning a bachelor’s degree in law

What One Degree Forward Says: Sa is an extremely affable, outgoing student with a natural knack for teaching and an obvious lust for learning. Sa lost her father when she was young, and she, along with her sisters, needed to stop school once her mom fell ill. They ultimately ended up having to sell their farm to pay for the family and rising health care costs. Her sisters eventually all married, and although Sa’s mother is still sick, Sa decided to re-enroll in school and continue with her education. When not helping her family or focusing on her own studies, Sa works at the Samrong Village of Opportunity school where she practices her English with volunteers and helps provide free education to the children of the village.

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