Samrong Village School

Samrong Village School is a two room schoolhouse located in rural Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Through recent donations the school has been able to construct a modern toilet and bathing facility as well as replace the thatched roof which needed replacing every year with a far more efficient roof made of metal.

There is still no electricity in Samrong, however, and one of the projects One Degree Forward hopes to help the Samrong Village School raise money for is the ability to install solar paneling which would provide enough light to allow classes to be taught at night or in the early evening.

Started by One Degree Forward recipient Laim Len and formerly staffed by fellow recipients Mach Len, Sophy Phal, Sa Chea, and Kanha Ing, Samrong Village School provides additional schooling and English lessons to nearly 100 children in the village of Samrong.

Through generous One Degree Forward donations we already have been able to provide a full-time English teacher for the school which will last through the end of 2012. The current cost of providing for a full-time teacher and the ability to educate 100 students currently stands at $200/month.

It’s difficult to understate the rural nature of the village of Samrong, and it’s also difficult to overstate the importance of the Samrong Village School in providing an education for these children. Though only an hour away from the bustling, modern metropolis of Siem Reap, (or 4-6 hours away by bicycle which is how the four girls commute home to visit family), the village of Samrong may as well be an entire world away. All water is delivered from wells and the nearest electricity is 30 minutes towards the main highway. Nearly everyone in the village are farmers, nearly all of whom grow rice. Though the area has been largely cleared of landmines, children are still warned of wandering off of well-worn paths.

Despite the fact there is a small government school which operates in Samrong, nearly all of the children of Samrong will attend only a few years of school and end up growing rice as their parents did. Without the ability to instill in these children the excitement of a proper education, there is little reason for them to do anything else. The goal of One Degree Forward and the Samrong Village School is to educate children to the point where they make the decision to pursue their studies outside the village of Samrong. Without an independent school such as the Samrong Village School to educate them and aid them in this process, however, the chances of ever making it out of the village are remarkably slim.

It’s not that these children don’t want an education, it’s simply that there isn’t anyplace to get one.

If you are interested in helping fund the Samrong Village School of Opportunity or any of our other current scholarship recipients, please either visit the Donate page or feel free to send an email to Tim or Kyle directly at onedegreeforward (at) gmail (dot) com for further information.

Thank you for your interest in helping these children achieve the education they deserve, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Wolfgang Kostyak June 30, 2012 at 8:31 am

hello from austria

we are interessed to have a cooperation with your school.
please give us further informations about your project.

best wishes

wolfgang kostyak


PICH Pisethneat March 6, 2013 at 2:25 am

Hi One Degree Forward,

I am PICH Pisethneat, currently working at AIESEC.
Right now, we are working on a development project related to underprivileged-children education, the objective of the project is to provide English education to them by recruiting international exchange participants from abroad (For more info: I can see that your organization is also working on the same issue, so if you are interested in having partnership with us, can we have a meeting to discuss about this project? On Friday 8th-11th March 2013, I am going to travel to Siem Reap with my friends, so please reply me as soon as possible if you are interested in this project.

Looking forward for your reply.

Have a nice day.

Warm regards,

PICH Pisethneat
Vice President of Incoming Global Community Development Programme

Mobile: 077 724 747 | 096 202 222 7


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