From: Kampong Cham Province

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: May 25, 1998

Hobbies: Painting

Favorite Subject: Khmer

What One Degree Forward Says: It isn’t possible to meet Sokhim and not want to do everything to help him. Originally from the same village in Kampong Cham province as grant recipients Mony and Kakneang, Sokhim lost both his mother and his father and was largely raised by his grandmother. When his grandmother passed in 2012, there was a question as to where Sokhim would live and little chance for an education. Mony recognized his heart-wrenching plight, and she coordinated his move to the SFODA orphanage three hours away in Phnom Penh. Through One Degree Forward, Sokhim was provided with school supplies and clothing for his new home in the city, and he is currently enrolled in Beltei English school where teachers say he studies quite hard. The other students at SFODA orphanage graciously look out for Sokhim, and is a humbling experience to bear witness to his innocence as he navigates new experiences. We are proud of Sokhim for his courage and studiousness in the face of such challenging circumstances, and we are excited to see where his studies will take him now that he’s been given a chance.

 Sokhim Triple Wide

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