From: Battambang Province

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: September 23, 1996

Grant: Enrollment at Beltei English School, Phnom Penh

Hobbies: Football, Volleyball, Reading, amateur engineering (“finding things and fixing them”)

What One Degree Forward says: Sokhum is another student being raised in the SFODA orphanage in Phnom Penh who is incredibly outgoing and obviously very intelligent. With very little formal English training, Sokhum’s level of English nonetheless is quite high. He understands that a firm grasp on English is the surest route to eventual success in a place like Cambodia, and he told us on our 2011 visit that he spends a lot of time studying independently and reading lots of books at the orphanage. Sokhum is a jovial and fun-loving guy who loves to dance, listen to music, and he is a good role model and support system for the younger grant recipients in the program. When told that One Degree Forward would help him with his English education as far as he wants to take it, there are few words to describe the sense of relief and thanks written all across his face. We are very excited to watch Sokhum progress through his studies, and we know he is capable of great things.

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