Sophy Phal

From: Samrong Village

Lives: Siem Reap

Birthday: August 8, 1989

Grant: Previously enrolled at Build Bright University, and currently enrolled at CUS English program.

Hobbies: Reading and cooking

Dreams of: Earning a bachelor’s degree in English and education.

What One Degree Forward says: Sophy is a very likeable and outgoing student who grew up in the rural village of Samrong, an isolated area with no electricity or running water which is located about a one hour drive from Siem Reap. Sophy’s mother died when she only 3 months old, and along with fellow grant recipients Laim Len and Sa Chea she helps to educate young village children at the Samrong Village School of Opportunity. Opting to leave the village to purse her dream of obtaining¬† a college degree, Sophy studied for two years in Siem Reap at Build Bright University. During this time she lived on the outskirts of the city and commuted daily on a 45 minute bicycle ride which would begin at 5am. After completing two years of English studies, Sophy now teaches afternoon classes at Samrong Village School and morning classes at a local Khmer school. She continues to study English on the weekends in Siem Reap through a grant from One Degree Forward, and whether it’s buying a new whiteboard for the classroom or distributing solar lights to the village, she is the driving force behind the daily operations of Samrong Village School.

Sophy Triple Wide

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