From: Phnom Penh

Lives: Phnom Penh

Birthday: February 6, 2000

Grant: Enrollment at Beltei English school

Hobbies: Reading and playing snooker

What One Degree Forward Says: Vuthdy is an incredibly smart student that team members Kyle and Heather had the privilege of teaching English in 2009. Vuthdy lives in the SFODA orphanage in Phnom Penh and commutes daily by bicycle across the bridge to take English classes at Beltei on the other side of the city. In his first two months enrolled in Beltei Vuthdy was the #1 student in his class. Vuthdy is a soft spoken, humble student who we are very excited to watch progress through his studies. Recently, Vuthdy has consistently received marks as the top student in his class.

vudy triple wide

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